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October 17, 2012
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"Angel where the hell were you! We needed you and because of you we lose our belts to chavo and herndez!" Kazarin yells at Angel.

"I told you two I couldnt come out or Hulk *** **** Hogan would take me out of the fight with Aces&eights." Angel replies

"We're the ones who brought you here we're the ones you listen to besides you betryaed him when you attacked Sting." Kazarin says

Christphor walks in Angel lets go your up next.

"And when we return the demonic Angel is going one on one with the Phenomenal one
Aj Styles"


"The following contest is scheduled for one fall Heading to the ring the Phenomenal Aj Styles!" Christy Hemme announced.

Aj styles ran out ready for his much wanted revenge on Angel who had been attacking him for months.Aj ran down to the ring and finished his enterence as Black Black Heart hit the impact zone.

"And the challanger from Venice Beach Californa accompanied to the ring by Christphor Daniels and Kazarin, Angel!"

Angel comes out and everyone in attendice begins to boo.Angel is back in her retro gear a long sleeved pink shirt,black pants with a sparkley thong like belt and her pink and black boots to finish it.Christphor yelling in Angel's ear as Kazarin pushes her a bit.As she reached the ring someone spit on her .Angel already used to the way 'fans' treat her and enter the ring.

"You know its ironic her name is Angel it should be Demon or Devil." Mike comments.

"I know this sunday she betryaed Sting but taking him out with her finisher Face Destroyer.I thought we were looking at the Aces&eights leader but then Angel attacks the Aces&Eights but she did get pinned so she failed everyone."

"Do you think she cares Taz?" Mike asks

"Not at All Angel loves chaos and misery and thats what the aces&eights do."Taz replies.

The bell is rung and Angel and Aj styles charge at eachother.Angel putting Aj into a headlock.Angel pulling on Aj's neck trying to get him weaker before letting him go and kicking him in the gut.Angel waste no time going highrisk and gets ready to hit her finisher Angel's dark heart but Aj has differnt plans,Aj runs to a rope and shakes it.Angel looses her balance and falls backwards onto the steel chairs behind her.Angel screams out 'Fuck!" The word is censored as Angel says it two more times.Aj grabs Aj and slids her into the ring and gose for a pin and only gets two.Angel just starting to get up falls prey to one of Aj styles springboard attacks. Angel gets pinned again only to get a one count before she kicks out.

"One thing Angel has is she wont give up you litterly have to seek out blood with her or she wont quit." Taz comments.

"Just what we saw on sunday at bound for glory Angel wouldnt quit the only way she did is when they did is when that gang mentaliy came into play and they over powered her." Mike replied.

Angel finally on her feet spears Aj styles followed by a pin,using the ropes as leverage the reffere see's and stops the count. Angel frustrated gives Aj a leg drop followed by a moonsault.Angel gose for a pin but only gets two.Angel getting incresingly angry by the moment gose over to the reffere and yells "Change it! Change it to no DQ I want a fight not a match!" Angel screams Earl Hebner refuses and tells her to look out behind her.Angel gets grabed and put into the styles clash.Aj gose for the pin and gets the victory.

"your winner Aj styles!"

Angel gets up with a look of shock and Angel the two men standing ring side start yelling at the reffere.Angel gets up and attacks Aj styles.Angel smiles as she gets Aj into a possion as she debuts a new finisher. Aj still standing as Angel sits on his sholder and pushes his head back as he falls.

"What was that a new kind of neckbreaker?" mike commnets

Angel yells. "My new finisher! Portal to hell neckbreaker!"
Aj styles lays with his eyes wide open but isnt responding.Christphor Daniels and Kazrin get into the ring and yell at Angel.

"What the hell is that we told you to beat his ass we never said to kill him!" Kazarin yells

"Your a monster!" Christphor yelled.

Angel's eyes become wide open and she stares at her boyfriend and his partner Kazarin.Angel grabs a micrphone from ringside.

"You brought me here to beat Aj?You told me to ruin his career! Everything I've done scince I've been here is for you two!"Angel says as she grabs Christphor Daniels by his neck "You want to see a monster huh?" Angel screams.

Angel lets go of Christphor Daniels and throws him to the mat of the ring as she storms out of the ring.Angel gets a few cheers but the overveiw was still the same.Angel stared at the former tag team champions and mouths "I wont forgive you this time". As she disappears into the backstage.

"Yo Crystal!" Angel yells

Backstage Crystal is walking around like you would imagine a nutcase to be walking around.Crystal turns around patting her title belt and looks at Angel.

"Hello Angel have you thought about my offer?" Crystal says to Angel.

"I have, you want a bodygaurd,tag team partner or whatever you prefer to call it.You got it." Angel says sticking her arm out for a handshake.Crystal shakes her hand.

"I cant believe what Im seeing these two girls are clearly demons sent to TNA from Hell!" Taz comments.
I got this idea from ~lydibrand's story Crystal offers Angel to become her body gaurd or tag team partner or something lol XD

So ya Angel vs Aj and Christphor calling Angel a monster was already gonna happen but I added the Crystal part cuz of it :D

So ya for the manip angel is velvet sky as velvet is her 2nd reperestnive but in her more covering clothes like in this pic lol

lydibrand is you want some spoliers for where im going with Angel's story you can ask :D

Crystal Clear(c)~lydibrand
Everyones else(c)Themselves&whoever
Angelina love and Velvet Sky*potraying crystal and angel*(c)Themselves&whoever
lydibrand Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2012
I really liked it! :) And yes, I thought these two would be tag partners. :)
Really nice work!
xxJeffHardyLoverxx Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2012
Yay im glad you like it :D lol as long as Crystal dosnt piss off angel they should be a pretty good tag team..even tho angel is easy to piss off XD
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